Caring for a New Puppy: Starting Off on the Right Paw

TrueCare_iStock_000076750625_LargeCongratulations on your new puppy! Bringing a wide-eyed, furry little canine into your life is wonderful – but raising a young animal is not without certain challenges. Housebreaking, socialization, and training are all important milestones. Are you prepared to tackle the basics of caring for a new puppy?

The Foundation

You might be surprised at how much time, energy, and money you will spend caring for a new puppy. But rest assured, it’s all worth it! Start by scheduling a wellness exam so we can evaluate your new pet, address any issues, and ensure his or her overall health. We will also discuss the importance of vaccinations, parasite prevention, microchipping, spaying or neutering, and deworming. Continue…