Dog listening to music

What type of music do you like? What about your pets? When it comes to pets and music, you’re definitely not just imagining that your pets enjoy your favorite tunes! Like humans, pets have been shown to enjoy listening to music. But also like humans, different pets have different music preferences. Find out how to decode your pets’ music preferences and discover the behavioral effects of music on animals. 

Play Different Types of Music 

If you’re wondering, “do pets enjoy music,” it can help to play music for your pets to determine the answer. Humans listen to different types of music to determine what they like best. The same method can help you decode your pets’ music preferences! You can stick to popular music genres like classical, pop, reggae, and soft rock or test out more obscure genres you like to see if your pets have the same taste in music. You don’t want to overwhelm your pets with too much music at once, so start slowly. Play a different type of music for a specific period of time each day to give your pets a chance to listen to it and show you what they think.

See How Your Pets React

Now it’s time to focus on the animal response to music. Pay attention to your pets while you’re playing different types of music. Do they seem more relaxed than they did before the music started? Do they seem to be more excited now that the music is playing? Think about how different types of music can make you feel and react differently, and keep that in mind when interpreting the behavioral effects of music on animals. Remember that all animals are unique and factors such as age and breed will also play a role in pet music preferences. 

Incorporate Music into Your Pets’ Routines

Research has shown that classical music, soft rock, and other slower-toned types of music tend to have a calming effect on animals, while pop, hard rock, and other faster-paced types of music tend to make animals feel more excited and restless. If your pets find certain types of music soothing, then consider playing this type of music when your pets are in situations that typically cause anxiety. Faster-paced music can also provide musical enrichment for pets by providing background noise that can help them focus and can enhance playtime activities. 

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