Sparkling Smiles & Healthy Heart

dog chewing on bone.

Your pet’s dental health is a key factor in their overall quality of life, influencing more than just their ability to enjoy their favorite foods and crunchy treats. At True Care Veterinary Hospital, we understand the profound impact of oral health on a pet’s vitality. We aim to ensure your pet receives the dental care needed for a joyful and healthy life.


Why is Keeping Up With My Pet’s Dental Care Important?

Cat dental care.

Keeping your pet healthy and happy throughout her life means ensuring that she gets plenty of exercise and enrichment, proper nutrition, and quality pet wellness and pet dental care

By the time your cat or dog is 3 years old, she will most likely show some signs of dental disease, which will only worsen without professional pet dental care. Periodontal (gum) disease impacts much more than your pet’s breath or smile: the condition can become extremely painful, and as the bacteria builds up in your pet’s gums, it can eventually travel to her organs and cause kidney, liver, or heart damage.