How to Safely Introduce a New Pet to Your Family

Socializing a new pet.

Few moments are as memorable as the first ones shared with a new pet. Your heart swells with happiness and the future together holds so much promise. Whether you’re an experienced or novice pet owner, you want to keep that feeling going for as long as possible. The good news is, you can! Any successful transition requires a significant effort to keep an even keel at home. Without your time, patience, and consideration, your new pet may have a harder time adjusting.


Traveling With Your Pet? Don’t Forget These Tips

Dog sitting in suitcase ready to travel.

Getting into the car (or boarding a plane, train, bus or boat) is a pretty big ask for some pets, and the results can be mixed at best. Indeed, they might decide not to accompany their owners (despite the fear of separation). That being said, there are loads of pets that are at ease traveling as long as their people are nearby, which makes adventures more attainable, comfortable, and memorable. Traveling with your pet might sound like a great idea, but without certain precautions and preparations, the situation can cause unnecessary stress for pets and people alike.