An Up-to-Date Guide to Winter Pet Safety

Dog in yellow scarf.

Keeping our pets safe during the winter is critical for their overall health and wellness. There’s a great deal that can be done before and during the seasonal lows, and we’ve got hot tips for cold paws.

Use It or Lose It

Winter pet safety hinges on providing a pet with all the right gear to guard against the elements. To ensure that daily activities persist outside, invest in insulating clothing that keeps their core warm. If they’ll accommodate you, have them wear waterproof booties to protect the skin on their paw pads. If not, be sure to wash their feet in warm water at home afterwards to remove any ice balls in between their toes or build up of salt for deicing chemicals.


Puppy & Kitten Care 101

puppy and kitten cuddling together.

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a new puppy or kitten! These tiny bundles of fun bring big love to their new families, and the perfect way to return the affection is by treating your new puppy or kitten to a lifetime of good health.

At True Care Veterinary Hospital, we love meeting your new pets, and we encourage you to schedule a wellness exam as soon as possible so your pet can start off on the right paw!