When It Comes to Pet Pain, the Signs Aren’t Always Clear

dog in pain

People generally avoid experiencing pain, but pets don’t always have that option. In fact, they often hide signs of illness or injury so well that they don’t get help on time. Damaged cells and inflammation can create painful sensations throughout the body. If left alone, dangerous conditions can develop. Knowing the subtle signs of pet pain not only influences early intervention but plays a part in how effective treatment can be.


When Danger Strikes: Is Your Pet Prepared for a Disaster?

dog in flood natural disaster

Natural disasters occur each year all over the globe. With the increased number of environmental emergencies due to climate change, it’s unfortunately likely we will encounter more. Here in New Jersey we have had our share of hurricanes, as well as major fires, flooding, and other natural disasters, man-made or environmental. 

The key to getting through a disaster safely is disaster preparedness, and this must also include our four-legged family members. 

The month of September is Natural Disaster Preparedness Month and the team at True Care Veterinary Hospital wants to make sure you and your pet are ready for anything.