Tips and Tricks for Tick and Flea Prevention

woman looking for tick on dog.

When it comes to truly elevating a pet’s health and wellness, the lion’s share easily goes to preventive practices. We brush their teeth regularly, exercise them daily, and feed them a balanced diet all in an effort to keep them healthy and happy for as long as possible. Flea and tick prevention works the same way. We not only guard against the irritation parasites inevitably bring, but defend our pets from the terrible illnesses spread by fleas and ticks, too.


How to Help Your Pet Stop Itching

Itchy cat scratching it's chin.

We all know the satisfied looks our pets get when they get scratches behind their ears, belly scratches, or even butt scratches from their humans. The scenario, as well as their facial expression, changes, though, when our pets do their own scratching. Common causes for itchy cats and dogs include dry skin, environmental allergies, or food sensitivities. More serious conditions like mange or parasites that cause itching can require medical treatment by a vet. Keep reading for some ways to combat itchiness in your pet.