A Focus On Halloween Pet Safety Can Really Lift the Dread

There’s nothing worse than a pet emergency, except for those times when a dire situation could have been prevented. When it comes to celebrating a holiday with pets, the focus definitely tends to shift away from the routine toward creating special moments and lasting memories. But, without a conscious and complete nod to Halloween pet safety, all the potential fun and good times can quickly become downgraded by a pet’s holiday-related fear, stress, illness or injury.

Covering All Bases

One of the best defenses against Halloween-related threats is to simply keep your pet away from possible dangers. Keep your pet confined to a comfortable, well-ventilated back room away from the constantly ringing doorbell. You could also crate them during the peak hours of trick-or-treating to keep them from bolting out the door into the night.


Keep the Kitchen Off-Limits to Prevent a Pet Poisoning

pet poison prevention

Pet owners like to share all aspects of life with their best friends, but unless skydiving or spelunking becomes safe for pets, we can’t do everything together. Similarly, while it may seem like offering them little bits of our food (or inadvertently making it available) is harmless, this can lead to some pretty big problems.

Fortunately, there’s much we can do to prevent a pet poisoning by knowing which human foods are safe and which are toxic.