Puppy & Kitten Care 101

puppy and kitten cuddling together.

Congratulations on your decision to adopt a new puppy or kitten! These tiny bundles of fun bring big love to their new families, and the perfect way to return the affection is by treating your new puppy or kitten to a lifetime of good health.

At True Care Veterinary Hospital, we love meeting your new pets, and we encourage you to schedule a wellness exam as soon as possible so your pet can start off on the right paw! 


Trouble Afoot: All About Paw Problems in Pets

White dog paws against a bright yellow background.

Your pet’s paws are their gateway to the world. Not only do paws take them where they want to go, they act as shock absorbers for the feet and leg bones as well as providing insulation and traction for the feet. As important as they are, it’s easy to overlook your pet’s paws when it comes to your daily pet care regimen.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common paw problems in pets, and how you can best care for this critical (and super cute) body part!