Tried & True Tips When Walking Your Dog

Dog walking tips.

According to your dog, there are few things better than going for a walk. Not only does a bit of exercise improve his physical health, but it also reduces any unwanted behaviors like boredom, aggression, or destruction. Getting those legs moving solves most potential problems, but establishing a pattern can be easier said than done. With our suggestions, walking your dog has never been more fun, safe, or valuable. 


Something to Bark About: 10 Ideas for Summer Activities for Dogs

dog jumping with toy

Summer is a cherished season for us and for our dogs. It’s prime time for hiking, running, camping, grilling, and backyard chilling. But the dog days of summer can leave your pet bored with the same old games or walks. 

To keep your pet fit and happy this season, the team at True Care Veterinary Hospital came up with 10 of our best ideas for great summer activities for dogs that you both will enjoy.

10 Fun Summer Activities for Dogs

Having an active life is made possible when the weather is nice and the sun is shining. You and your pet will likely take more time to do things outdoors this time of year. To avoid falling into the boredom blues with the same old doggie exercise routine, here are a few of our favorite games.