How To Recognize and Treat Hot Spots on Dogs

Hot spots in dogs.

There are usually a few different possible explanations for certain canine behaviors. For example, a dog that obsessively licks, bites or scratches their skin could be suffering from allergies, parasites, or even anxiety, stress, or boredom. If this behavior continues, moist dermatitis (hot spots) may develop. Characterized by terribly itchy, painful open sores, hot spots in dogs don’t heal quickly due to the excessive attention dogs give to them. 


Tried & True Tips When Walking Your Dog

Dog walking tips.

According to your dog, there are few things better than going for a walk. Not only does a bit of exercise improve his physical health, but it also reduces any unwanted behaviors like boredom, aggression, or destruction. Getting those legs moving solves most potential problems, but establishing a pattern can be easier said than done. With our suggestions, walking your dog has never been more fun, safe, or valuable.