Battling Back-to-School Pet Separation Anxiety

Pet separation anxiety solutionsKids aren’t the only ones who get the back-to-school-blues. Pets can also suffer the effects of a sudden change in routine, especially if they’ve been enjoying extra attention and playtime over the summer. Long days at home waiting for the family to return from school and work can lead to boredom and loneliness in pets. For some, this can actually lead to the much more serious issue of pet separation anxiety. Fortunately, the team at True Care Veterinary Hospital is here to help!

Spotting Pet Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety in pets essentially amounts to an exaggerated fear of being separated from their owners. A few signs that your pet may be experiencing separation anxiety include clinginess, barking/yowling, escape attempts, house soiling, and destructive behavior. Lethargy, “moping,” and loss of appetite or interest in toys/people are also signs that your pet isn’t feeling well. Continue…