Pet Separation Anxiety: What to Expect When You Return to Work

cat with anxiety

We’ve all been looking for some strategic coping mechanisms this year. For some, cooking, reading, writing letters, or working on home improvement projects took over as a means to get through the quarantine orders. For pet owners, spending quality time with their furry, fluffy, scaled, or feathered friends became even more important. 

All this extra affection and attention sure hasn’t been lost on pets, but will quickly vanish as people return to work. After all these weeks in deep comfort and companionship, is pet separation anxiety going to become part of a new normal?


Crack! Sizzle! Pop! Helping Your Pet Cope with Fireworks and Other Loud Noise

dog covering face

It’s that time of year, with a number of holidays, festivals, and outdoor sports events to celebrate summer. Along with these big parties, there is also the chance of thunderstorms that make for an incredible display of lightning and thunder. Unfortunately, your pet may not appreciate all the excitement, both manmade and natural. 

Many pets suffer with noise anxiety and stress that is triggered by loud events. This can cause a range of behaviors, including the risk of a missing pet emergency. Helping your pet cope with fireworks and other noise is the team at True Care Veterinary Hospital’s aim. Here are some recommendations and tips to help ease your pet’s stress this time of year.