Flies Bite Pets. What Can You Do About It?

A dog scratching his face on the grass.

Yes, you read that right: flies, the kind that people find endlessly irritating, are also vicious pests. Commonly found near livestock or waterways, black flies (or buffalo gnats) attack their prey’s skin repeatedly. While they don’t spread disease like other parasites, they can trigger a full-blown allergic response in pets. As they are ubiquitous in the warm, humid months, flies bite pets with greater frequency in spring and summer. Luckily, there are ways to combat their terrible effect on animals.


Signs Your Pet Has Pollen Allergies and What You Can Do to Help Them Cope

A dog standing near a tree is mid-sneeze.

We all love spring, but what we can collectively agree on is that allergies that come with the season are a drag. Seasonal allergies in pets produce an array of symptoms, too, that can make it very unpleasant for an allergic pooch or cat. There are some symptoms, though, that a pet owner may overlook as an allergic reaction.

Your friends at True Care Veterinary Hospital are here to explain what to look for if your pet has pollen allergies, along with treatment options.