Dog with tennis ball running.

If you need inspiration for ways to keep your dog active, April is the perfect time to dig around for new ideas. Why? Because it’s Active Dog Month! The days of being stuck inside all winter are gone (for now) and it’s time to get outside with your favorite furry friend. Keeping your dog active can help both of you stay healthy and happy. 

Ways to Keep My Dog Active

Many dogs and their humans feel a burst of energy in the spring. The sunlight’s coming back, the earth is turning green, and being outside just feels good. Here are our favorite tips for how to keep your dog active and take advantage of that springtime vigor. 

Hike a New Trail

Sure, you could take Fido for a walk around your neighborhood. But if the idea makes you feel bored, it’s time to plan an adventure. There’s plenty to explore right here in the Howell Township area. Some of our favorite spots include: 

  • Turkey Swamp Park: Explore the miles of trails in this 2,388-acre park just minutes from Howell, where you and your dog can walk among pitch pines, oak trees, blueberry bushes, and ferns. 
  • Manasquan Reservoir: Take your active dog for a walk along the 5-mile trail that winds around the sparkling reservoir. What’s better than fresh air, sunshine, water, and trees?
  • Allaire State Park: This New Jersey treasure offers 9 marked trails of varying lengths, making it ideal for any hiker and dog duo. The New Jersey State Park Service has put together a detailed guide to enjoying these trails for you and your pup to peruse. 

Grab a leash and waste bags and load your dog into the car for a springtime adventure. You’ll find a new favorite trail in no time. 

Plan a Puppy Playdate

Does your dog love to play with other canines? If your friends have dogs, plan a playdate at your favorite local park or pet-friendly recreation area. Or even your yard! Set out water bowls, fetch toys, and lawn chairs. You and your friends can chat while your dogs wear each other out. 

If you don’t know anyone else with a dog, never fear. Dog-centered matchmaking apps like Doggy Style can save the day. Upload a cute photo of your pup, write a catchy bio, and the two of you will soon be romping around the dog park with your new friends. 

Take to the Water

Rivers, lakes, and ponds, oh my! If your dog loves to swim, now’s the time to dig your dog’s life jacket out of storage and head to your nearest body of water. Bring a floating fetch toy for Fido to retrieve. And if you’re brave, bring your own swimsuit and life jacket along, too!

If you don’t feel comfortable taking your pup swimming in natural bodies of water, schedule a swimming lesson at Green Leaf Pet Resort. There’s one near Ocean Township and another in Millstone. Each center features a huge pet-friendly swimming pool where your dog can learn to swim. You can even sign up for a You and Yours swimming membership and enjoy the pool with your pup. 

Whether you’re helping your dog get active at a dog park, on the trail, or in the pool, the team at True Care Veterinary Hospital can make sure they’re healthy and ready for any activity. Contact us at (732) 677-2180 to make an appointment.