Pet Pancreatitis During the Holiday Season

A dog looks at a turkey.

The best holiday traditions often revolve around family, friends, and good food. Sneaking treats to your pet during the festivities might seem harmless, but in fact, can lead to a potentially dangerous condition called pancreatitis. The team at True Care Veterinary Hospital is here to explain more about pancreatitis in pets so you can do your best to avoid this painful problem this holiday season.


When It Comes to Pet Pain, the Signs Aren’t Always Clear

dog in pain

People generally avoid experiencing pain, but pets don’t always have that option. In fact, they often hide signs of illness or injury so well that they don’t get help on time. Damaged cells and inflammation can create painful sensations throughout the body. If left alone, dangerous conditions can develop. Knowing the subtle signs of pet pain not only influences early intervention but plays a part in how effective treatment can be.