Feeling the Burn: Summer Pet Paw Safety Basics

summer pet safety dog walk walking on pavement

You’re likely to hear that winter can be brutal on a pet’s sensitive paws. Certainly, snow, ice, and winter chemicals can wreak havoc on tender paws, but summertime also poses unique challenges to paw health. Beyond just watching for hot pavement, conscientious pet owners must take precautions to keep their pet’s paws safe and comfortable.

As you gear up for summer, True Care Veterinary Hospital wants to share a few tips about summer pet paw safety. Here are some basics to prevent your pet from feeling the burn of summer.


A World of Difference: The Significance of Regular Pet Wellness Exams

Beautiful dog during medical appointmentThe idea of pet wellness is very similar to that of humans; “well” visits allow us to build a foundation for optimal, lasting health. With that in mind, preventing illness with vaccinations, proper nutrition, and exercise are top priorities. Through regular wellness care, your pet can lead a longer, healthier, and happier life. Who could ask for more?

A Proactive Approach

Pet wellness visits create an opportunity to address conditions before they worsen and require costly emergency care. Because pets age faster than humans, taking a preventive approach can also reveal age-related problems in a timely manner, improving health outcomes for your senior pet. Continue…