Too Many Temptations: How to Practice Good Holiday Pet Safety

cat with christmas ornaments

Few things are more exciting than celebrations with family and friends during the holiday season. And since a full 70% of us consider our pets to be family members, it’s a given that we want to share the holiday festivities with our pets. 

But easy access to holiday food, decorations, and all the parties and visitors that herald the season can spell big trouble for our pets. And nothing can ruin a holiday celebration like a trip to the animal emergency room.

Keep your holidays merry and bright with our holiday pet safety tips, and avoid a pet emergency this year. 


Pets and Decorations: Holiday Decor that Can Cause Harm

pet decorationsThere is nothing like the holidays that can bring to mind joy, togetherness, and the ambience of the season. Lights that twinkle during the cold, dark nights, the festive array of poinsettias and holly, and the oh-so-welcoming scent of the fir tree all has its nostalgic charms this time of year.

Holiday decorations and decor, while enticing to us, also seem especially enticing to our mischievous elves, our pet companions. Pets and decorations often do not mix. The team at True Care Veterinary Hospital is here to help you avoid any mishaps that might result in a less than beautiful holiday season.