When It Comes to Pet Pain, the Signs Aren’t Always Clear

dog in pain

People generally avoid experiencing pain, but pets don’t always have that option. In fact, they often hide signs of illness or injury so well that they don’t get help on time. Damaged cells and inflammation can create painful sensations throughout the body. If left alone, dangerous conditions can develop. Knowing the subtle signs of pet pain not only influences early intervention but plays a part in how effective treatment can be.


An Ounce of Prevention: Preventative Pet Procedures

Cat with yellow eyes on the wallAs a pet owner, it is natural to want to do everything possible to keep your beloved family member happy and healthy. True Care Veterinary Hospital shares this goal with you. That is why we place an emphasis on preventative care.

Preventative care is a proactive type of pet care that aims at preventing and addressing problems early rather than trying to fix them once they are present. Read on to understand the benefits of several commonly recommended preventative pet procedures. Continue…