The Importance of Water for Pets and Avoiding Pet Dehydration

dog drinking water

Balanced nutrition is not the only important part of keeping your pet healthy. Water is also vital to your pet’s health and is the main component of healthy, living cells in the body. Without it, your pet’s body will not be able to function properly and he may even become dehydrated. You need to provide enough water for your pet daily, but what else should you be aware of?

July is Pet Dehydration Awareness month, so we thought it may be time to explore the importance of water for pets.


Gearing Up for Outdoor Fun With Your Pet

It’s starting to feel like spring, and for those who love to hike, camp, and enjoy Mother Nature, the anticipation of summer is building. Many pet parents, especially those with dogs, also enjoy recreating outdoors with their best four-legged friends. After all, it’s not quite a camping trip without Rover!

To make the most of outdoor fun with your pet, it’s important to plan carefully before you hit the trails.

Before You Head Out

Much like packing for our own camping or hiking trips, your pet will require equal or more consideration. First of all, nature is wild, and where there’s wild, there’s wildlife – in the form of mammals, reptiles, birds, and, of course, parasites.