Unsafe Plants For Pets (And What To Do If Your Pet Eats Them)

Dog eating plant.

For many pet owners, the home of their dreams is one full of luscious green plants and a flowering garden. Unfortunately, some house plants that are easiest to grow can be toxic for pets and the same is true for outdoor plants. If your love of flora is as big as your love of fauna, there are ways to help them coexist safely.


How to Recognize and Prepare for a Pet Emergency

Senior Man Using a CellphoneUnlike those ponchos you see everyone wearing at Niagara Falls, there is no “one size fits all” when it comes to an emergency situation. Indeed, every pet is unique and so is every risky or dangerous scenario. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared! Knowing what to look for and how to handle a pet emergency is critical and could save your pet’s life someday.

Go With Your Gut

You know your pet the best, so you’re more likely to notice slight changes and symptoms associated with illness or injury. However, it’s not always obvious when there’s an emergency, so awareness and preparation are major factors that impact the outcome of your pet’s situation. Continue…