Old dog comforting owner.

It is National Adopt a Senior Pet Month! The whole month of November is allocated to facilitating the adoption of senior pets, a meaningful drive that we can really get behind. Senior pets are often among the sweetest, gentlest animals out there. Their constant presence is a reminder of their pure hearts, and owners would be hard-pressed to find a better companion. 

Adopting a senior pet is simply one of the best experiences in life, and we are honored to help prospective adopters make such a powerful, impactful choice. 

Zooming Out

Many people want a baby or young pet that they can train, socialize, and support for the pet’s entire life. That’s commendable, but adopting a senior pet sort of fast-forwards through some of the most challenging years of a pet’s life. Not everyone wants to go through house training, obedience training, and behavioral issues associated with younger pets. 

All the Things!

Senior pets are typically over the age of seven years old. Depending on the breed and their medical history, you could still have a decade together! And even though they might be slowing down a bit, senior pets still have an earnest interest in keeping up with you and your family. They want to be part of the action, too!

A Learning Process

Many senior pets come with detailed explanations of behavior, personality, history, and experiences that can play a role in the adoption process. This information helps prospective pet owners determine if it’s a good match. 

Some circumstances are unknown for other pets, but after a thorough assessment and personality/disposition testing, you can rest assured that what you see is what you get. In other words, senior pets have established history with certain stimuli, people, and other animals and are less likely to throw any wild cards at their new home.

Far-Reaching Effects

Most senior pets arrive at the shelter or face rehoming for reasons that have nothing to do with them. No matter the circumstances that preceded their homelessness, they knew what it was like to have a home. Adopting a senior pet reverses or soothes the traumatic effects connected to the events that upended their home life. 

Pay It Forward

Senior pets know their fate has been reversed when adopted by a kindhearted person. They sense that they’ve been saved from uncomfortable or tragic circumstances, and they demonstrate absolute affection and devotion for their new people. Adopting a senior pet for this reason alone is enough for many people. 

Adopting a Senior Pet 

This November, we are happy to help pet owners decide if adopting a senior pet is the right choice for their home. We know firsthand how wonderful life is when shared with a golden oldie and we can’t wait to meet your new friend soon. 

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