Heartworms in Cats

There are so many things that we cannot protect our precious pets from, but when it comes to parasites such as heartworms in cats, we often have a real chance at preventing trouble. Most dog owners know about heartworms, but owners with feline family members aren’t always as knowledgeable.

Heartworm disease in cats is a real issue, and this parasite has worse implications for our kitty companions. True Care Veterinary Hospital thinks it is important for our clients to understand the risks and implications of heartworms in cats.

Understanding the Heartworm

The heartworms that infect dogs are the same as those that infect cats. These nasty little parasitic worms carry the scientific name Dirofilaria immitis and are transmitted by the mosquito. When an infected animal is bitten, the mosquito carries tiny baby heartworms, called microfilaria, in its digestive system until it bites another animal, infecting that victim with the parasite.


In Pursuit Of A Long And Happy Nine Lives: Why Cat Wellness Matters

Closeup of cat face. Fauna backgroundThanks to the independent, self-sufficient, even stoic nature of our pet cats, it’s easy to overlook the need for regular wellness care. After all, kitty seems fine, so why go through the trouble of a cat wellness exam?

The truth is, cats are masters at hiding illness and injury, and you likely won’t know anything is wrong with him or her until the situation is critical. During a routine wellness exam your veterinarian may be alerted to a potential problem or health issue, giving us the opportunity to nip it in the bud and potentially save your cat needless suffering, increase his or her chance of a full recovery, and even save money. Continue…