Urinary Problems in Pets: Beyond the UTI

house training of guilty puppyIt’s a common request: “Brownie is peeing in the house. Can you give him an antibiotic?” The answer to this question, though, is usually no. While urinary tract infections can and do happen in our animal friends, they are not the only cause for pet urinary woes.
Read on to learn why an antibiotic isn’t always the answer when it comes to urinary problems in pets.

Oh, the Possibilities

When we ask to examine your pet after you report a urinary issue, it is for good reason. There are a host of different things that might cause urinary problems in pets, and they are all treated in different ways. Continue…

Getting the Creepy Crawlies? Intestinal Parasites in Pets

TrueCare_iStock_000083778119_LargePreventing and treating intestinal parasites in pets is extremely important to maintaining their health and wellness. Animals are more prone than people to intestinal parasites because they engage in different activities. They spend more time close to the ground, groom themselves by licking, ingest rodents and the like, and sometimes even like to eat things we would never dream of eating.

Mounting a good defense against these creepy crawlies is an essential part of good pet care. It is vital that pet owners understand the risks of intestinal parasites and how to prevent them. Continue…