Parasite Prevention For Pets All Year Long

TrueCare_iStock_000080496551_LargeWhile many of us know better than to think that winter is totally over, its grip on all of us is certainly waning. The softening soil and emerging buds are proof that life will soon resume – and along with all of spring’s wonders come fleas and ticks.

Parasite prevention for pets is fundamental all year long, but the arrival of warmer months makes it even more important. True Care Veterinary Hospital is here to help you make the right choices for your pet, and keep pests at paw’s length.

The Truth About Ticks

There are numerous types of ticks out there, but approximately half of all the deer ticks in New Jersey are infected with Lyme disease. Borrelia burgdorferi, or the bacteria responsible for Lyme disease, is spread between infected animals, such as the white-footed mouse, through the bite of a tick. Continue…

Getting the Creepy Crawlies? Intestinal Parasites in Pets

TrueCare_iStock_000083778119_LargePreventing and treating intestinal parasites in pets is extremely important to maintaining their health and wellness. Animals are more prone than people to intestinal parasites because they engage in different activities. They spend more time close to the ground, groom themselves by licking, ingest rodents and the like, and sometimes even like to eat things we would never dream of eating.

Mounting a good defense against these creepy crawlies is an essential part of good pet care. It is vital that pet owners understand the risks of intestinal parasites and how to prevent them. Continue…