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Even though it still may seem like the dead of winter, spring is right around the corner. And with it, the spring and summer travel season. Are you thinking ahead to who will care for your cat while you’re away from home?

Cats generally do not travel well, and take a lot of time to adjust to new places. Spending your time on your trip helping your cat adjust can take up most of your vacation. Asking a friend to look after your cat isn’t always the right option.

Professional cat boarding can give you peace of mind while you’re away. Knowing your cat will be well taken care of and safe is an important consideration of choosing a boarding kennel for her.

Here, True Care Veterinary Hospital shares the dos and don’ts of boarding your cat.

The Do’s of Boarding Your Cat

Although 30 million pet owners board their pets each year, not all pet boarding facilities are created equal. There’s wide variation in the type, service, and even safety that boarding facilities offer. So the first “do” is to do your research.

To help you prepare, we have the following “do’s” when preparing for boarding your cat.

  • Make an appointment to tour the facility, and ask lots of questions
  • When possible, choose a boarding facility that is connected with or located in a veterinary hospital. Having trained veterinary staff on hand is invaluable in the unlikely event your pet experiences an injury, illness or other veterinary need while you’re away.
  • Look for cleanliness, safety, a professional and knowledgeable staff, friendliness, and comfort.
  • Ask for references and follow up on them
  • Make your reservation ASAP
  • Schedule a pet wellness exam to make sure your cat has all their vaccinations and parasite control in place well before boarding
  • Look into having add on services for your cat while you’re away, such as grooming, extra brushing and TLC, or a dental cleaning.
  • Ask us about kitty pheromones that can make traveling to the boarding facility as well as a boarding stay more comfortable for your cat
  • Ask us about leaving a tshirt or other small item with your smell on it to comfort your cat with familiar smells.

Some Don’ts for Boarding Success

  • When dropping off, don’t forget to pack your cat’s food. Cats are sensitive to any change, and will be happiest with their normal diet
  • Don’t forget to include any medications and instructions for administering them. Please don’t mix medications into food or take them out of their original bottles; original packaging, please!
  • A little snuggle time at drop off is definitely in order, but don’t draw out your goodbye too long. This can confuse your kitty and make leaving harder for you.
  • Don’t hesitate to check in! We would be happy to give you updates at any time with how your kitty is doing while you’re away.

At True Care Veterinary Hospital, you can expect professional, comfortable, and loving care for your cat while they are with us. Please don’t hesitate to contact your Howell Vet with any questions or to schedule a tour of our boarding area. We love cats and will make them feel right at home. We look forward to seeing you soon!