Exercising Your Dog After Surgery

walking dog after surgery

After any surgery, your pet will need a great deal of rest so they can successfully heal. During this time, they might be immobilized or under strict orders from the veterinarian on how to promote recovery and mitigate any potential for injury or a set-back. Along with rest and recuperation, your pet will eventually need a slow introduction to exercise and mental enrichment.

The team at True Care Veterinary Hospital understands how important the postoperative period is in promoting the best possible healing for your furry loved one. Here are some tips and recommendations for safely exercising your pet after surgery, along with options for entertainment.


A Serious Threat: Leptospirosis in Dogs

LeptospirosisIf we told you that there was a disease that could cause kidney and liver failure in your family dog, and that could be found anywhere in the environment that wildlife frequented, wouldn’t you want to know more? Now what if we told you that it could also affect your human family?

Unfortunately, this disease is not a made-up plot in a dystopian narrative. It is a relatively common disease known as Leptopsirosis, or ‘lepto’.

Thankfully, leptospirosis in dogs is able to be prevented in many situations through vaccination. True Care Veterinary Hospital wants its pet owners to be aware of this disease and the importance of prevention.